Wednesday, 7 December 2011

UK Mail Preston depot phone number

Customer Service is at the heart of many large organisations but sometimes it stops short. I often wonder how many Company Directors actually try and get through to their own customer service department and once having got through – manage to achieve anything.

We have all been left at the end of a phone – shuffled from one department to another – asked for the same security information by each person you are transferred to. Is this the system that the company really designed, set up and wanted?

Throughout this Blog, help will be given where available and discovered, to enable you - the consumer, to get immediate and direct answers and action by contacting the right part of the organisation - the department that does things, is helpful and concientious – but is often shielded by the customer service firewall.

Here is the first, I don't think you will find it anywhere else.

UK Mail Preston Depot Phone Number: 08451 492169

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